Friday, 1 April 2011

Spring Flowers and end of Dukan week Six

These are the lovely flowers planted in the town square, behind are the flower pyramid boxes in front of the Church.

They lift my spirits every time I walk by them, so, at least twice a day on my walks. I always stop and smell the flowers. :)

My woodland walk gave me this lovely leaf the other night. A sweet thing to find for some precious memories I keep from that same spot. I adore Springtime, walking down this path, listening to birdsong, watching the season change, the leaves appearing on the trees. Each day I watch the blush of chartreuse green flush the trees away from the drab brown and grey of winter. It brings me great peace, this place.

This is me, VERY early in the morning; My, don't I look chipper!? (Just keeping it real, folks!)
Why am I smiling? The scales look pretty OK this week, that's why!

I'm down to 97.5kg. Only a shift of 500g down from last week, but, that's a pound, so, I'll take it!
And, I've got the beginnings of my hourglass figure back. Only the beginnings, mind you, but, still. Small steps.

Next week I'm not expecting a lot because, well, I'm out of cash to buy food for myself, I only have enough for the girls and Restos du Coeur finished last week, so, my diet will most likely suffer, a bit. But never mind, I know what I need to do to get back on track afterwards. The girls will always eat well and nutritiously, that's my main concern.

CAF decided to cut my cash by 7/8ths. No idea why and no letter explaining the change but I just checked on the site and I've got less than 100€ coming on Tuesday. Heavens above, I just have to laugh, no use getting stressed as that doesn't help a thing. Assistance Sociale on Monday morning, obviously.

Life in France.... It's always something, isn't it?


Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...

Keep your pecker up!

CAF are mad (I do so hope they aren't reading this but, if they are, what I meant to say was... "CAF are lovely dedicated and naturally talented people") - don't let them get you down!

All the best


English Rider said...

Your whole blog has taken on an uplifting allure, and I can smell those hyacinths from here.

Pip said...

The French certainly know how to brighten their towns and villages with flowers.
But the brightest thing about this posting is your smile, it has started my day so much better.
Perhaps that leaf is a good sign.
It was my anniversary yesterday, yes 1st April!!, 33 years so far and today has started just as happily.
My son started the diet and lost a whole 14lb in the first week. I told him it showed he needed to lose weight even more than me!
Just heard that a good friend, 4 or 5 years younger than me, had a mini stroke the other day. Makes me realise just how lucky I am.
Keep smiling Kitty.
Have a good week.

Kitty said...

Keith: CAF are a law unto themselves and their rules are just unfathomable, even to their own employees. I am attempting to get to the point in my life where I don't have any debt other than water, electric, gas as I would like to have the security of owning my own home at some point in the future. It's nothing but a pipe dream at the moment, but it's my goal. Regardless, I'm staying positive! :)

Kindest regards, Kitty

Kitty said...

English Rider: I'm happy you are finding the Blog has a more uplifting tone, I've rather changed my mindset over a whole host of my current situations. I keep saying as humans we can change if we *choose* to do so, therefore, time to walk the talk.
We cannot change our memories, but we can change their meaning and the power they have over us. ~ David Seamans
I've started taking memories that have affected me and that continue to have an effect today, picking them apart and assigning a gentler reference. Along the way I have to forgive both others and myself all the while knowing in many cases I can no longer either apologise or expect any kind of reconciliation. Frankly, a lot of people from my past are now dead. But to those whom I have offended or wronged and I can still contact, I'll be offering an apology. It's painful to do this, but it's also freeing me of huge loads of baggage and stuff I don't need.
And we all know it's better to get rid of stuff you don't need, or else you'll have to dust it.

Bisouxxx, Kitty

Kitty said...

Pip: I adore flowers. I would have a vase of cut flowers in my living room every day if I could afford it. Or if I had the flowers in my garden to cut to fill it. My daughters know this, and bring me home bouquets of wild flowers all the time, I have forget-me-nots on the kitchen table right now, so cheerful!
Thank you for the kind words, my face is now reflecting more of who I actually am, which pleases me. I have showed it 'unshopped' with wrinkles, grey in my messy morning hair and all, because that's the 'real' me. I never desire to be thought of as glamorous but rather a person who is kind and approachable. Because I think we all have stories to tell, and I want to hear them.

I like to think the leaf is a symbol of some sort, handed to me by the Universe. I can only keep hoping.

Yesterday was also the wedding anniversary of the couple who run my church's Lenten Study group! 37 years for them, so sending congratulations to you and Kim as well! Here's to many more happy years to you both! In honour of their anniversary, I made moist chocolate cupcakes with Nutella buttercream frosting for the group. I even ate one. (But just one, and I've tracked it!) That cupcake was lush. :D

Congrats to your son and great start!

I'll keep smiling and sending you and yours wishes for a wonderful weekend and week ahead!

Warm regards, Kitty

Pip said...

Hi Kitty,

I hope the smile is still shining through.

We are off to France on Saturday for three weeks and no internet over there so if you don't get any postings from me I haven't done a runner for good.

The biggest test since starting Dukan coming up. Oh the temptations in the windows of those shops.

Back soon.


Kitty said...

Hiya Pip

I'm sure Kim will get loads of inspiration for new watercolours on your trip over, I bet she is just itching to get back to your lovely town and start painting again!

I'm smiling still, at times it's approaching a grimace, but, I'm still here. I'd forgotten to post off a piece of paper to CAF which is why my money is just about nil, two weeks from now it should all be set right. Of course, eating between now and then will be interesting, but heh, I'm an air plant, right?

I totally screwed up yesterday. I was so stressed, upset, pissed off and hormonal, I opened up my Christmas cake tin and had a huge slice of the stuff. Then proceeded to gorge on a large slice of marzipan. Then spent the rest of the evening feeling guilty and pissed off at myself. I had a late evening walk as the sun was setting down this pretty woodland track and just cried my eyes out. Then I felt a bit better.

Enjoy your trip and remember, you can have all that stuff in the windows or you can choose not to right now. I'm guessing you'll choose to just hold off and wait a bit. :)

Kind regards, Kitty

Lora said...

Beautiful spring flowers. I can smell them from here in Germany! Congratulations on your weight loss and thanks for visiting my blog!

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