Friday, 8 April 2011

Dukan week Seven or Pardon My Apparent Lack of Creativity.

I mean what surer sign of Spring than a Frappuccino?

No, just to reassure you, my town has not yet arrived in the 21st century by acquiring a $tarbucks, no. Do not fret. A petit noir is still 1.10€ - 1.20€, cafés still insist on boiling the milk past scalding temperature if you ask for a crème. Life is still normal here.

My week on my regime has been fraught with ups and down, lots of downs, rather like my life right now. I stressed out mid-week and cracked open the Christmas Cake tin. This is the fruitcake I have which is still maturing from year BEFORE last, 2009. I unwrapped the buttercloth covering, still redolent of the heavy Bacardi soaking the cake had received, then gorged on a HUGE slice of the moist, fragrant love-stuff. (In case you are wondering, it was awesomely good, whoa.) Then I had a slab of marzipan, just to top off the carb fest. I do a nut topping on our family's Christmas cake, the girls aren't too fond of either Royal icing nor Fondant, let alone marzipan.

I've spent a lot of time feeling really down in the dumps of late. I feel tossed about by the whims of circumstance like flotsam jettisoned into the Universe's emotional ether. Well, something like that but said better.

So, not much progress because of cheating, a 'hormonal plateau' plus feeling too depressed to get out and walk 30 minutes twice a day. On a positive note: I haven't yet completely lost my sense of humour, I do attempt to look at my situation and find things to be amused about. I also know I am far better off than millions of other people. I try to count my blessings each day and be grateful for not yet having shuffle'd off this mortal coil. Slings and arrows, I've got 'em. Outrageous fortune: missing.

So for the 'Money Shot' (a term which I did not know until last year when it was explained to me.)

I'm taking that at 87kg. Still reducing, just not in any kind of rapid sense. Still, the end result is what counts. My clothes fit better, the smaller stuff.

My doctor says I've reduced a bit over 12kg since the last time he weighed me in his office. He has halved my heart medication. I have a blood test tomorrow to check on my cholesterol, iron and blood sugar, I should have the results sometime next week. That will let me know how this regime is impacting my health. I'm sure it's favourably since my blood pressure was down to 130/70.

I'd really like to post something other than my weight updates. This must be mindbendingly boring for anyone who reads this. Sorry. I'll try to become inspired. It's just hard right now to express myself due to general ennui.

Sending you all best wishes for a lovely weekend and week.


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