Saturday, 16 April 2011

Good News at the end of week Eight on Dukan.

I've been ridiculously busy this past week with a plethora of different bits and pieces in my life, ends that needed tying up and off, little tasks that just had to get done. The Lion's Share has been accomplished, all the while sticking to my resolutions I made to myself earlier in the year. So, I feel slightly successful. Not Hilary climbing Everest successful, but more like 'keeping nutritious meals on the table while the house stays clean & tidy and the girls don't argue' successful. Far better than some silly mountain anytime.

I had the results of my blood tests come back and I discussed them with my doctor. Based partially on the diet I am following, partially on the (now) daily exercise I do, partially upon the weight loss and probably partially upon just dumb luck; my diabetes appears to be in complete remission. So I have been taken completely off the diabetes drug Metformin I was taking. This is exciting and thrilling for me because, as long as I stick to what I'm doing, I'll be one of many who have managed to conquer Type 2 diabetes. I'll have more tests done in the summer to make sure I'm still on track, but, heh, I have to tell you - I feel like a different person. Diabetes can really cause such an impact upon so many areas of your life: moods, rationality, vision, nerves, increased chance of strokes, heart and kidney disease; the list goes on and on. So often, people show no symptoms at all until damage has been done. I'm so lucky mine was caught early and treated.

The next couple paragraphs of this might not interest you unless you yourself are diabetic or if you have a family member or close friend who suffers from this affliction.

The blood test I had in the Autumn showed my HbA1c Glycated hemoglobin was within the normal range of 4.0% - 6.0%. Mine was 5.4% so I went from two Metformin a day down to one a day. January's test was 5.3%, so the Metformin was cut in half again, one pill every other day. Now this latest test has a result of 5.2%, still very much normal so that is why the diabetes medication has been dropped completely.

My blood pressure is good at 130/70 and my triglyceride levels have fallen from 1.41 g/l to 1.02 g/l. I still need to bring down my HDL cholesterol, so I've decided to try achieving this by cutting down on the beef I eat. Steak haché is so quick, easy and delicious, but, I've been buying the budget brand and the saturated fat level is around 15%. I need to cut back until I can afford to buy the 5% fat beef. I think if I can do this it should impact the HDL. I'm not getting saturated fat from any other source in my diet.

So, I'd say after two months on the Dukan Regime, my health has improved, my energy levels are really good, I don't feel hungry or 'snacky' during the day and the weight keeps coming off! My youngest daughter remarked yesterday, as I came down the stairs, "Mummy! Oh! That's you? I saw your legs and 'taille' coming down and I thought you were Mwanda!" Mwanda is her nickname for her 13 year-old sister. No, I have not slimmed down to pre-pubescent, but I don't need to wear baggy sweatpants and men's t-shirts any longer and I guess both girls are quite astonished at my weight loss progress. Their encouragement keeps me going. I want my family to be proud of me.

In the last two months on the Dukan Regime, I've lost 13kg/ 2 stones/ 28 pounds.

Apparently it takes six weeks of doing something on a daily basis to make it into a habit. I'd say I've now got the walking down to a 'habit' and certainly the method of eating comes without a second thought. Yes, I DO cheat, now and again, but I always account for it in my daily food diary and either plan for the 'cheat' by eating less before or eating less afterwards. Or by doing a lot of physical activity to make up for it.

I have finally sorted out CPAM, my medical coverage, so, this is why I was able to do the flurry of tests. The kinésithérapeute finally was able to help with my left Achilles tendon so that is much better. Yes, I do have to take pain medication but at least I can walk with barely a limp, huge progress. 

I guess I am simply just thankful for so much right now. My children are all happy and doing well at work and at school. I feel calm, centred and happy to be living where I am. I do have moments of joy in my life. I have loved and been loved in my life with a fierce intensity. We are safe where we live and no longer feel a constant threat from unwanted persons impinging upon our life. I feel such gratitude towards the person and the situations that have brought us to where we are right now. Thank you so very much. Please accept my thanks on behalf of us all.

I send out joy, hope, love and light to all. Have a wonderful week.


Deborah said...

Kitty, I'm delighted for all that good news!! You are doing wonderfully well, and obviously this latest information is a huge shot in the arm for you. The benefits to your health has been quite amazing, and I congratulate you on your stick-with-it-ness.

I'm hit and miss with blog reading, but I'll definitely be back, even if on an irregular basis. Great to read about your progress.

Annette said...

Wonderful news all the way around! Fabulous progress on all fronts -

GaynorB said...

Bravo Kitty!

Diets aren't easy to stick to, even when you have a medical imperative to push you, so very well done. It's good too, that you are feeling better in yourself and are now medication free.

Keep up the good work and the very positive frame of mind. You give us all hope and encouragement.

Keep up the good work! I look forward to the next installment........

la fourchette said...

Yay you! That's really wonderful news...and really something for which to be proud...well...that and this: 'keeping nutritious meals on the table while the house stays clean & tidy and the girls don't argue' successful'!

Bonne continuation!

The Pliers said...


Congratulations on having sorted everything out with CPAM so that you can benefit to the max from what they have to offer. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling centered, that your eating and exercise habits have been brought in line with your personal goals for a diabetes- & med-free life. Having the house tidy and the girls enjoying one another's company without squabbling is gravy! You inspire me to give your Dukan program a try since I haven't been able to drop a pound in 4 years. Bonne continuation with all that you have going on at this time.


Kitty said...

Dear Deborah, Annette, GaynorB, Leslie and Pliers

I apologise for my lack of returning comments. You were kind to leave them, I'm sorry I haven't made time in my head to respond. However, I am now, so, thank you, it's actually important to know there are people out there who look at my situation, listen to what I have to say and share and then find some common ground between us. It helps me feel not quite so alone.

Mille bisous for the high-fives, ladies, it is very much valued and appreciated!

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