Saturday, 5 March 2011

Two weeks on Dukan

It's been two weeks, now, since I started my regime. I'm pleased with how it is going; my daughters say they can tell I've lost weight, one of my girlfriends said my neck and face look thinner, plus my clothes feel considerably looser. I have a leather belt which I purchased in 2004 when I was close to my thinnest, I had to get more holes put in it as I lost weight back then, and today it's on the tightest setting, but feels perfectly comfortable.

Here is the picture of my scale from yesterday morning, it would have been posted earlier, but I had misplaced the USB cord to transfer the photos over from my phone.

So, as of Friday 4 March, I have lost 6 kg / 13.2 pounds. Getting down below 95 was a big landmark for me since I've not been able to get below that since 2005.

Having vegetables again was such a treat for me after 10 days without. I went crazy with the taste of haricots verts! And now I know it's never more than 24 hours before I can have my salads and steamed veggies again.

I'm honestly having such problems getting the walks in, just because I dread the effect it will have on my Achilles tendon. I limp just about constantly now, unless I drug myself up on painkillers. I've done the painkillers before in order to cope with moving (and working) when I snapped my other Achilles tendon back in 2009. At the moment, there's not much else I can do; RSI, my Caisse Primaire (or Health Insurance) cancelled me without explanation. I cannot go further with my kiné or Physical therapy nor can I go see the specialist my doctor wants me to see because RSI didn't send me 'radiation' paperwork so I can sign up with CPAM, the Government Health Insurance scheme. Two weeks I have tried to sort this out with RSI and CPAM, they promise to call and never do. So, I suppose it means I need to take a trip to St. Brieuc soon and talk directly to BOTH horses' mouths.

In the meantime I'll try to stop from attacking a glass of orange juice...

Let's see how I do in the next week ahead, I have some majorly huge and worrying things occurring, I hope I can stay on course, I'm doing so well so far, maybe I just need to write more, that keeps my mind off things.

"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon, but that we wait so long to begin it." ~ C.S. Lewis
I love that quote. 


auntiegwen said...

Well done you, xxx

Kitty said...

Thank you, my lovely AuntieGwen!
And how funny, I commented on yours just as you commented on mine :)
Hugs and quiches, Kitty xx

Pip said...

Great result don't waver now.
We're on 12lb lost so far but Kim is seeing the diabetic nurse tomorrow and is going to check out her feelings about Dukan.
Both of us feel that we have realised just how unhealthy our food regime had become.
Far too much butter, fat and white bread and don't mention chocolate.
Even if we should stop Dukan tomorrow we will be eating much much better from now on.
We shall see.

Kitty said...

Pip: I passed this regime to my doctor to review I have Type 2 diabetics, my heart problem, no gall bladder, etc. He said his wife had done The Dukan Diet for a short time to lose some stubborn last kilos. It was a success for her. He thought it would be fine for me, so, I felt confident to begin it.
I am doing my best not to waver, I'm just having such trouble doing the daily exercise!
I hope Kim's diabetic nurse gives this the all-clear!
Kind regards, Kitty

Pip said...

Hi Kitty,
That's interesting. We are both type 2 so I'll be fascinated to hear what our expert says.
Lowering the tone of this thread now, I am finding that regular visits to the loo are getting further apart. I've even resorted to some sennacot to help. Not at all normal for me so I can only blame the lack of fibre in the diet.
But to keep my spirits up I jumped on the scales this morning and the loss has now reached 15lb. A proper visit to the loo could increase that by 3lb I reckon!!!
Nearly celebrated with a bit of choccie but guilt complex at the very thought stopped that idea in it's tracks.
Keep well.

Kitty said...

Pip: Hurrah for you! Over a stone, isn't that encouraging? Congratulations!

Ah yes, transit time has rather, *ahem*, lengthened, hasn't it? Have you been on the site? Their recipe for the galette is 2 Tablespoons of 0% Fromage Blanc, 2 Tablespoons of Oat Bran, one egg AND 1 Tablespoon of Wheat Bran. Oat bran supplies the insoluble fibre which is good for the heart health, etc, but wheat bran supplies the insoluble, which rather moves things along. There's an explanation on the site, check it out.
I switched recipes about three days ago, with moderate success, so you might want to 'give it a go', as well. The site also sells those Fruit & Fibre cubes, considerable cheaper than my local Bio shop, I might add. But then, not surprising. I also might try eBay, surprising what you can find on there!
Looking forward to hearing what Kim's diabetes nurse has to say.
Stay well and keep up the fabulous results!

Christie said...

PLEASE do a how-to make french salted butter caramel sauce and play along on my blog. Seriously. I am sure that I speak for all of us in America -- do it! Please! Sounds divine.

Kitty said...

Christie: Yes, ok, I shall play along and post the recipe! My girls love it as a dip with slices of crisp green apples, or in a crêpe, or over ice cream, or straight from the jar (if I'm out of the room!) PLUS, it is super easy! I'll make some tonight and photograph it!
Thank you for visiting and see you over at yours!
Kind regards, Kitty

Pip said...

Hi Kitty,
The nurse is quite happy with the Dukan. Kim passed all tests with flying colours.
Thanks for the revamped galette recipe.
We've started having a fat-free fruit yog for pud. They are allowed in moderation. I think it's a mindset thing. Having something like that as I can't have a lump of fruit seems to "finish off" the meal.
Salted butter caramel sauce oh the temptation!!!

Kitty said...

Pip: I'm glad the nurse is happy with Dukan.
I found some fat-free, 0 calorie Stevia yoghurts at Intermarché (I can't tolerate Aspartame, it gives me arthritis-like symptoms, headaches and stomach cramps.) So, I am treating myself to one every protein-only day. I'm also using Stevia as a sweetening as I can't tolerate any other 'educolorant'.
Caramel au Beurre Salé is indeed lovely, but, I can wait... I'm far too happy with my progress to even consider cheating!
Take care, Kitty

Lee said...

Good work, well done.

My wife and I are in a tag team for looking weight. Heading in the right direction too.

MilkJam said...

Good luck on Dukan! I've done it before and it does work great. Last time I lost 8kg or so and even though I went "off" the diet last October I've only put on 1kg. By cutting EVERYTHING out it really changes your mindset and you no longer gorge yourself on carbs/sugar. I'll still have rice/pasta but a very small serving alongside meats/veggies instead of a HUGE plate of pasta with a few veggies on top like before.
I've also joined Curves - I don't know if there is one near you but I really like it! It's only been a month but more for my mental health more than anything else it's been great ;)

good luck!!! here's to having meusli in the next 6 months!

Bob West said...

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All the best, Bob West

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