Monday, 3 January 2011

La Rentrée: well, one down, one to go.

Little one started back this morning. It's particularly tough getting up, dressed and petite déjeunered when it's still pitch black outside.

She is rather excited since tomorrow is her eleventh birthday. It amazes me how the year has flown past. She is still undecided as to the cake I'm to make for the event. And I got a firm  "Non"  to my idea of Birthday Cupcakes for the class. It seems only Chupa-Chups will do. Cupcakes are better but are apparently still an unknown entity to most French children around these parts. Philistines.

Big one goes back tomorrow. We have yet to locate her French textbook so devoirs can be finished completely. She is currently rooting around in various hiding places.
"Honey? Why did you need to hide it?"
A long careful consideration later...
"I don't know."

I'm honestly going to miss their company come tomorrow. I never thought I'd admit that, but, I'll feel lonely without their little quarrelling, noisy, curious, enchanting selves about the house.


Annette said...

I would love love LOVE to live in Bretagne so I am going to vicariously live through your blog. Bonne annee!

la fourchette said...

"Philistines" indeed! Le Cupcake is gaining popularity here. Perhaps *that's* the ticket:
*Le* Cupcake!

Bonjour from Aix en bonne année!

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