Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Update: 10-Jan-2010

I have figured out how to add images taken with my phone directly into Blogger, whoohay! let's hear it for technology! so without further ado, I give you the current state of our snow coverage here in my part of Central Bretagne. Yes, that's right, just right around 49 cm accumulation, so far, which has completely brought travel on public transport to a grinding halt, closed schools and even stopped Recovery Vehicles from being able to rescue motorists; people have to just leave their cars where they end up, lock up, and come back later. We are still under a 'Vigilance Orange' for this region, with MORE snow to come over the next few days, so, who knows how much we will eventually end up with? Certainly the older residents down our road have said they have never seen anything like this happen to this area ever, and since most are in their 80's and 90's, I have to take their view as pretty accurate, at least for this area of Côtes d'Armor.

The 'Centres d'Accueil' in the region, which deal with those less fortunate, the homeless, the people managing on or below poverty level, have been opened and the services strengthened, something I do appreciate in this culture, you won't starve here as long as you avail yourself of the Public Services.


Ayak said...

It's a very serious state of affairs isn't it? The weather everywhere is changing. We on the other hand have had temps around 65 to 70 deg F for the past few weeks...very unusual for this time of year. Although we do have the start of a storm and gale force winds today...but oddly the temperature is still 66F

English Rider said...

I also carry a "two speed" tape measure.

Carol said...

The weather is just insane isn't it!! My Dad, who lives in the Dordogne, is completely snowed in at the moment!! Can't wait for the big thaw and then life can get back to normal!!

Happy New Year

C x

Previously (Very) Lost in France said...

Hi Cheshire Chat, I found you through Carol's blog. Having recently had to travel down and back from the Southwest of France, both journeys blighted by the weather among other things, I can sympathise. The Brits tend to think it's only the UK that grinds to a halt when there is snow but France always seems far worse. By the way, I'd add to your last sentence 'as long as you are French'. Once again, the non-French homeless are the victims of the dreadful weather. Bonne chance!

truestarr said...

I just found your blog (though Ayak, and I've gone back a bit in time to read up on your life and times...

Amazing! I look forward to reading about your new venture as well as the snow melt. (I am so glad we don't have snow in Corfu.) Good Luck!

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