Monday, 1 December 2008

Kitty has come to Blogger


Vast expanses of white are always hard to deal with.

I had an art teacher, once, who always insisted that we first cover our canvas with a colour, or pattern or something, anything, he was obsessive about there being never any white showing. OK, maybe he had a point, as it IS hard to just jump in when there is so much white staring at you in the face... what to write?

However, my secret is that I do not touch-type, so, I am just staring at the keyboard as I pound away, so I don't actually see the white until I stop. By that time, I have stuff to go back over and change or correct and I've forgotten I didn't really have anything to say.

But anyway...

I have been blogging over on BlogSpirit for four years now. Having found a few Blogs over here on Blogger that I enjoy, I also realised I really liked the layout and add-ons of Blogger. This interface seems a lot more functional. Therefore, I am trying out my blogs I have been posting on Kittychat over here, kinda testing the water, as it were.

Feel free to comment, if you so desire, this is basically an exercise for myself and my close friends and family, however, anyone is welcome to read what I have to say, if it interests you, great! Please do return!

On the other hand, if what I write compares in your mind to a bunch of old twaddle, and badly written twaddle, to boot, then... don't bookmark me! We all have our own taste, "chaque son goût" as we say in France. It's ok, I won't be offended!


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